Boy and Woman Doing Yoga on Beach

They fly, two cranes unaware of each other,
she with arched back, legs evaporating
toward sun, her form holding a nameless pose:

wave-curl maybe, or sea-grass which rises
from him, now a boardwalk, body flat
to sloping sand below, now a leaning trunk,
hands the splayed leaves of a tree bowed
before a hurricane. He faces the sea as if
some adversary, draws with heaving chest
ocean’s exhale, and then becomes it, legs
the thin demand of a wave to wash sand,
his breath the half-silence between breakers,
salt beginning the long settle downward.
Just down the beach she alights, makes
of herself an arrow darting motionless
through air. He follows her without seeing,
gaze locked on the master before him.

— Jacquelynn Berton

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