Each second the desk clock
flashes a low battery icon
even though it’s been plugged in
for months.

And it’s strange to pull an eyelash
out of the mouth –
stranger still for the cold
to pull secrets
out of the mouth
when nowhere near drunk –
no this slurred speech
comes from a frozen tongue
and a bottomless hesitation.

It is not necessary
to have used an iron
to know the fear
of having left one on
and in that hurry home
all those animal tracks of shoes
will show how others made their way.
That’s no example to follow.
Find a clear plot of snow
surprise it with a foot
declare this a mark upon the world.

Key the door open
and notice for the first time
that low-battery blinking
and while the iron isn’t
plugged in
the desk clock is –
it doesn’t need to worry either.

— Josh Hyzy

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